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JSIとは? / What is JSI?
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Japan Society of India (以下 JSI) は、インド北部の新興都市グルガオンを拠点とした非営利団体です。

JAPAN SOCIETY OF INDIA (JSI) is a Non-Profit Organization based in Gurgaon,India which aims to fill the huge communication gap between Japan and India by becoming a channel of communication.

活動目的 / Why we do?
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India-Japan relationship is at an all-time high and the leaders of both the nations are aligned in their larger ambitions and growth story.

•Under the Tokyo Declaration for Japan-India Special Strategic and Global Partnership, Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Abe have set a target of doubling Japanese FDI and the number of Japanese firms in India by 2019.
•Prime Minister Abe has set a target of $33.5 Billion investment into India by 2019 .
•There are already 1,229 Japanese firms operating with 4,417 offices in India (as per the Embassy of Japan in India, October 2015)
•India and Japan have set up a project development fund for the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor(DMIC) with both the countries contributing equally. The project is one of the most expensive infrastructure projects in the world with an estimated investment of $90 Billion.
•The project is expected to employ over 100 million people over the next decade.
•Japan is one of the leading supporters of the ‘Make in India’ initiative and has offered technology transfer, staff training and a loan to India at the rate of 0.1% for the bullet train project.
•Japan has set up a 1.5 trillion yen (approx. Rs. 83,000 Crore) ‘Make in India’ fund.
•India plans to set up ‘Japan Industrial Townships’ all over India
•India-Japan strategic ties have further strengthened with the December 12, 2015 agreement on Defense Equipment and Technology Cooperation.
•India and Japan have conducted several joint military exercises and India has offered its full support to Japan to maintain peace and harmony in the region.

“The peoples of India and Japan are guided by common cultural traditions including the heritage of Buddhism, and share commitment to the ideals of democracy, tolerance,
pluralism and open society. India and Japan, two of the largest and oldest democracies in Asia having a high degree of congruence of political, economic and strategic
interests, view each other as partners that have responsibility for and are capable of responding to global and regional challenges.”
– Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Even with all these high level developments there is not much people to people contact between the two countries.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan there are less than 9000 Japanese people living in India and less than 30000 Indians living in Japan.

There is a huge communication gap. People of Japan are not aware of the diversity, culture and the recent developments in India and Indians don’t know much about the Japanese people and its unique culture.

Videos, cultural events, Indian and Japanese dance, music and food workshops, language exchange, volunteer/social work opportunities and lectures are some of the activities we plan to pursue through this channel.

具体的な活動内容 / What we do?
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JSI HOUSE (インド、グルガオンの日本人向けシェアハウス)

Check the link below to get to know more about JSI activities.
・English course
・IT course


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Japan Society of India
創始者兼会長/Founder, Chairman

ハーシュ タネジャ
Harsh V.Taneja


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